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“Each harvest is unique and an exciting challenge for the whole team.
Creating wine is a lifelong undertaking.”

We are proud that José Hernández Toso is our Winemaking Director. José comes from a family with a long-standing history in viticulture: his great grandfather, Pascual Toso, was one of the Italian immigrant pioneers who founded the Argentine wine industry.

He was recently awarded the “Argentine winemaker of the year 2004” honor by his industry collegues.

He has previously worked as a winemaker in leading European wineries during six years. He was chief winemeker at J. Hofstaetter Winery in Alto Adige, Italy; winemaker at the Graf Adelmann Winery in Baden-Württemberg, Germany; and research associate at the Weinsberg Wine Institute, Germany.

José received degrees in Viticulture and Oenology from the Heilbronn Institute, Germany and attendeed graduate programs in winemeking at the Weinsberg Wine Institute, Germany and the Scuola del Vino in Italy.

We conducted his first vintage at the age of seventeen in the old family wine business, the Toso Winery.

Mendoza, Argentina